How to Know When Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

Septic tank maintenance and cleaning isn’t a very fun job for regular people, which is exactly why most people turn to septic tank cleaning companies to help with the regular maintenance of their tanks. While many people opt to have the professionals come at regular intervals for their septic tank cleanings, but there are signs that yours may need looked after sooner. Here are a few signs that may indicate that your septic tank needs cleaned.

1. The Smell

One of the most off-putting and obvious signs that your septic tank needs cleaning is the smell. Since they can house some seriously smelly waste and materials, anything left to fester too long will surely make its way out through intense odors. In these instances, your best bet is to call one of the septic tank cleaning companies to properly clean and dispose of the waste. Not simply because the work takes some nose plugs but because that material will need to be properly disposed of.

2. It’s Just that Time

Regular maintenance is absolutely key for any septic tank, which is why septic tank cleaning companies recommend a regular, scheduled septic tank cleaning. This is the best way to ensure that your septic tank never gets too dirty and that it can be regularly checked for any necessary or routine maintenance.

3. Beautiful Grass Around the Septic Tank

While the contents of a septic tank can lead to quite intense smells, the contents can actually be perfect for growing lush greenery, particularly grasses. If you notice that the area around your septic tank is particularly green, it could indicate that you need to call one of your local septic tank cleaning companies.

4. More Standing Water on Your Property

When septic tanks fill too high, water can leak out of them and onto your property, leading to pools of water forming all over your property. In general, these pools will be near your tank but sometimes they can form elsewhere depending on the grade and other aspects of your property. If you notice these extra pools then you will need to get in touch with one of your local septic tank cleaning companies to get the problem fixed. You may also need to contact a professional landscaper to help fix any potential damage.

5. Sewage Backup

This is easily the worst indicator that your septic tank is in need of a cleaning and can sometimes also be the most expensive. Since your septic tank has begun to interfere with your sewage system, you should call septic tank cleaning companies to clean and fix your tank.

Rather than looking for these signs that your septic tank needs cleaning, contact the professionals at Drane Ranger to take care of all of your septic tank needs. We have trained professionals and the equipment necessary to keep your septic tanks clean and well-maintained. As one of the region’s top septic tank cleaning companies, we can extend the lifespan of your tank while saving you the hassle of constant checking and cleaning.

What Happens Due to Poor Septic Tank Maintenance

Without proper septic tank maintenance, you run the risk of your septic tank failing. Not treating and disposing of sewage in a sound environmental or safe fashion can cause the leakage of substantial amounts of chemicals such as ammonia or fecal coliform into surface water and nearby wells.

Septic tanks are the same as other major appliances, and they need routine septic tank maintenance. The purpose of a septic tank is to stop solids from entering the drainfield. If they reach this area, they’ll clog the small spores in the gravel and soil below; resulting in sewage backing up into your house or surfacing in your yard.

There are signs to watch for to make sure it doesn’t happen, but you should never let your tank get to this stage due to lack of septic tank maintenance.

Signs You Need Emergency Septic Tank Maintenance

• Your pipes aren’t clogged, but your drains empty slowly.

• Sewage backs up into your house.

• You noticed a smelly wet spot in your yard.

• Your septic tank pipes to a stream or ditch.

• Your sink or washing machine is piped to a stream or road.

• When the ground is wet from rainfall, you experience issues with your drains.

• A wet spot appears in your yard when you’re doing laundry.

• You need to pump your septic tank more than once a year.

• The grass around or over your septic tank is greener than the rest of your lawn.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, you should contact a septic tank maintenance company as soon as possible. As we mentioned earlier, the best practice is to care for your tank on a regular basis. If you find this idea distasteful, the good news is you don’t have to do it yourself because there are companies who offer this service.

A septic tank maintenance company can inspect the effluent filter or sanitary tee outlet to make sure it’s functioning properly as well.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

To understand the importance of septic tank maintenance more fully perhaps it would be easier to first understand what they do and how they work. Simply put, a septic tank is an underground watertight tank that’s usually made of plastic or concrete, and it’s divided into two compartments.

Your septic tank receives all household or business sewage and separates the liquid part of waste from the solid portion. The liquid portion passes out of the tank after around 24-hours. Your septic tank has three purposes: first it collects the solid materials, secondly it allows some bacterial breakdown of waste materials to happen, and third, it acts as a storage chamber for undigested solid materials that need removal. This is where regular septic tank maintenance comes in.

To help with septic tank maintenance, you should also check your plumbing fixtures regularly for leaking toilet cisterns or leaking taps, and have them repaired.

If you’re looking for a company specializing in septic tank maintenance in Houston, we can help. You can call us to make scheduled visits to your property to inspect and maintain your sewage system. For more information, visit our website.

How often should a septic tank be pumped?

How often should your septic tank be pumped? You are probably wondering this as well if you have just recently bought a home that needs septic tank pumping, instead of draining waste water into the regular sewer system. The tanks come in different sizes and they fill differently, depending on the size of the tank and how often it is used, that is, the number of people living in your home. You can usually make an estimate based on these factors and have it pumped on a planned schedule.


If there are four people in a house with a 500-gallon tank, the estimate is that septic tank pumping should be done once a year. If there were only two people in the house, then the tank may only need emptying every two years. Not all tanks are 500-gallon sized, so check the size of the tank before you make that estimate. Of course, you don’t want anything to go wrong with the tank which is why the regular maintenance, and ‘good health’ checks on the tank are so important. Keep your mind on the regular need for pumping the tank so that it doesn’t let you down when you least expect it.

Proper Use

You can make a better estimate by considering not only how many people are in the house, but also how the tank is used. Efficient tanks fill up more slowly if only water is put down the drains and only biodegradable materials and paper down the toilet. As long as the items flushed break down quickly there will be fewer problems. Things that don’t break down as quickly are things like disposable wipes, dental floss, cigarette butts, coffee grounds and cooking fats that float in the tank and don’t decompose for a long period of time. People usually find that septic tank pumping is needed more often when these types of items are flushed or put down the drains.

Did you know that using a garbage disposal also contributes to how fast the tank fills? It’s almost like having another person living in the household. Grease, oil and fat cause problems too because they don’t mix in with the water in the tank but instead float on top, or clog the system completely. You will need to call the septic tank pumping crews more often in these situations. Lists are easy to find that tell you what not to put down a household drain if you are on a septic system.

If you have made a reasonable estimate using these tips and advice from the septic tank cleaning company, be sure to make a note to remember when its time for a septic tank pumping. Don’t put it off until the last minute. It is better, in fact, to schedule the cleaning for a specific period of time so that the regular maintenance does not become overdue.

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Sewage leaks can be disastrous. Keep in touch with Drane Ranger if you know you will need septic tank pumping services soon. They can help you schedule routine maintenance and give you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong with your septic tank.

How to Get Rid of Septic Tank Problems

Keep it Functional

Septic tanks perform an important function, as they store and break down sewage so that it can be disposed of safely and sanitarily. It’s important to practice septic tank maintenance in order to prevent back-ups, leakages, and other nasty environmental problems. If you own a septic tank, ensure that you have a trained professional on call so that you can keep your septic tank functional and safe.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

One of the main reasons to make sure your septic tank receives regular maintenance is to avoid costly repairs in the future. Poorly-maintained septic tanks will lead to disruptions or failures in the system, and can cost you thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Whether you use your septic tank in an industrial or residential setting, septic tank maintenance will help you avoid expensive costs that will inevitably arise if your septic tank is not maintained or altogether neglected.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the ‘ick’ of maintaining a septic tank on your own, and we wouldn’t recommend it! There are trained professionals and specialists that offer a number of services for septic tanks. A professional will ensure your septic tanks are regularly cleaned, drained and properly inspected to avoid any future problems.

Safe Disposal

Not only does sewage stink, but it can also carry a number of pathogens and diseases, so it’s imperative that your septic tank maintenance program involves the safe disposal of the sewage. Most people don’t want to get their hands dirty, so to speak, with disposing of sewage, which is why trained professionals will do it for you. Whether your septic tank is small or large, whether you own one or many, septic tank maintenance experts will ensure your sewage is safely and sanitarily disposed.

Inspect and Pump Your Septic Tank Frequently

The average residential septic system should be inspected at least every three years by a septic tank maintenance professional. They should also be pumped every three to five years, depending on the volume of use. That said, it’s important to consult with a septic service professional to determine how often your septic tank should be inspected and pumped. Depending on the household size, the total wastewater generated, the septic tank size, and the volume of solids in wastewater, your septic tank may require more frequent service.

When in Doubt, Don’t Flush

One of the main causes of septic tank issues has to do with what goes down the drain. Everything you flush down the toilet, grind in the garbage disposal, or pour down any faucet, will end up in your septic system. It’s important to remember that septic systems aren’t trash cans, and that nothing besides human waste and toilet paper should end up in your septic system. Items such as flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, condoms, cigarette butts, pharmaceuticals, coffee grounds and household chemicals should be disposed of in a trash can, not flushed down the drain. These products can cause serious disruptions and clogs to your septic tank, and will require you seek immediate septic tank maintenance.

Septic Tank Cleaning – What to Look for in a Septic Tank Maintenance Company

When you have a septic tank, you know you can’t take care of it by yourself. All septic systems, whether they’re attached to a personal residence or a business need professional septic system care to avoid messy mistakes. Thus, there are several things you need to look for when you’re searching for a company to entrust with your septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas.

5 Septic Tank Cleaning Tips for Texans Who Want the Best

1. Experience: You’d be surprised how many companies offer septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas that popup and stick around for only one or two years. Then they’re suddenly gone and your hung out to dry. You want your septic pumping service to be like your physician – experienced, knowledgeable, and with intentions to be in business for the long-haul. Hiring an experienced septic cleaning service will give you peace of mind knowing they’ll be there if problems arise.

2. Knowledgeable: If you live in Texas you can’t just hire anyone for such an important job. When you want expertise you want a reliable expert, am I right? You don’t just want anyone supplying septic tank cleaning services in Houston, Texas. Whoever you hire must know about proper pumping techniques to avoid tank damage, contaminated ground water, and unsafe practices. They should also be able to evaluate your system and make recommendations based on what they find.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Any company your hire for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas should be aware of Texas environmental rules. If there’s anything about your septic tank that doesn’t follow State rules your cleaning service should be able to spot it right away.

4. Emergency Response Time: If you have a septic tank emergency, you want septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas, fast! If your septic cleaning services provider doesn’t come the minute you need them, you won’t be happy. Due to Murphy’s Law you’ll probably be stuck with the task of trying to find a new service in the middle of the night.

5. Regular Maintenance: The last thing you want is to not have your septic tank drained regularly. No matter how efficient your system is, it won’t work at its peak performance if this important task is neglected. If improper care leads to system failure it can set you back thousands of dollars. If you’re paying for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas make sure the company you hire knows when to drain it.

6. Hassle Free Service: You don’t have time to mess around. You want your service experience to be hassle free. When you schedule your maintenance, your provider should be able to come that day or the next. You also want the best customer service you can get. If there’s ever any issue you want to know that it can be addressed promptly. That’s how Texans like to do business.

If you’re looking for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas, we can help. At Drane Ranger we offer several septic tank services, including regular services for industrial and residential properties. For more information you can visit our website.

Tips to Choose the Right Septic Tank Cleaning Company

How important is your septic tank to the smooth performance of everything in your home? Very important. Septic tanks need regular cleaning when they get too full, or blocked up. Of course, any problems with the tank’s operation could make your home unlivable in a very short period of time, and so working with a septic tank cleaning company is a must. When you think about what could happen when things go wrong, the right company is very important. Here are some tips to help you choose the right company to keep your septic tank clean and functioning properly.

Know the difference

Of course you want to hire a septic cleaning company that will do a good job, but what is the difference between the right and the wrong company? The company you hire should be able to knowledgably discuss the operations and maintenance of the septic system and how it should be cared for. You will need to have the system cleaned out regularly — that is, about every three to five years, if it is properly maintained and inspected in between. Choose a cleaning company with a clear knowledge of how the system should be working.

When you talk to the professional septic tank cleaning companies listen to their advice. If you are having problems with your drains, remember that just because it says ‘flushable’ on the package, it doesn’t mean that it is. Newer toilets and dishwashers may be able to deal with more and more solid waste, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the plumbing can. During a regular inspection, a good cleaning company will be familiar with problems and can advise you on the proper way to take care of the system so that it will not have problems in the future, and the time between cleanings can be lengthened.

Check referrals from those you trust

Since this service is something that everyone on a septic system needs, but nobody really talks about (unless something goes wrong of course) then it is likely that your friends or family can recommend septic tank cleaning companies they have used in the past. There are a lot of options for companies out there, so asking for recommendations and meeting the workers will give you an idea. You can also read reviews and articles to find out how others feel about the company.

Be sure the company is insured

Cleaning septic systems is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! It can be dangerous as well. Accidents happen at even the best septic tank cleaning companies. You don’t want to shoulder that cost, so hire a company with insurance for the good of your property and all people involved in the cleaning.

Since the septic tank is underground and away from view, it is easy to forget about the importance of maintaining it and it is also easy to take it for granted when everything is going well. Septic tank cleaning companies keep your home clean and your family healthy. When you are looking for a septic tank cleaning company close to your home, and with years of experience talk to the people at Drane Ranger about how they can help you keep your home clean and healthy.

The Importance of Proper Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the food scraps and other debris that makes their way down your drains? Eventually, it all ends up in a septic tank or sewer. Septic tanks are a type of simple onsite sewage facility. Typically they are stored underground, and their main function is to collect sewage and allow it to decompose through bacterial activity before draining via a leaching field. However, the accumulation of debris is usually faster than the rate of decomposition, so regular cleaning is required. The importance of septic tank maintenance is vastly underestimated and often overlooked by homeowners. Here are five benefits of hiring a septic tank pumping company to properly clean your home’s septic tank.

1. Catch Problems Early on

Septic professionals know what small problems to be on the lookout for when they are pumping your septic tank. If these problems are left unattended, they can rapidly progress into much larger issues. Cracks in the tank and growing blockages in your pipes can cause overflow and other costly damage. That’s why regular inspections from certified septic tank companies are so important to ensure your home’s plumbing is working correctly.

2. Change Bad Habits

Caring for a septic tank requires you to change some bad habits. Flushing feminine hygiene products and wet wipes, overusing your garbage disposal, and rinsing paints or pesticides down the drain can severely impact your septic tank. When you hire a team of professionals from a septic tank company, they will help you understand which lifestyle habits you need to change in order to better care of your septic tank.

3. Worry Less About Sewage Backups

Have you ever had a sewage backup in your home or yard? If you have, than you know what happens when you allow your septic tank to become too full. Raw sewage is full of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can do a lot of harm to people and release noxious odors in the air. Sewage exposure can lead to serious illnesses like Hepatitis A, and minor reactions involve nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. If you haven’t recently had your septic tank pumped, you should look into septic tank pumping companies.

4. Free Flowing Drains

Not only can a full septic tank cause sewage backup, but it can also impact the speed of your drains. While waiting for a slow drain won’t make you sick like a sewage backup will, it is definitely an inconvenience. Who wants to stand in a pool of water while they shower? Or wait a half hour for their kitchen sink to drain? Why make things harder than they should be when you could have your tank pumped regularly by a professional from a septic tank pumping company.

5. Manage Costs

When you delay septic tank maintenance, you might think you are saving some cash but you are actually prolonging a necessary task that can lead to problems which cost thousands of dollars to repair. If you ignore cracks and leaks in your tank, you won’t have time to budget for repairs, because a sewage backup can happen quickly and replacing your tank is not cheap. With regular pumping and tank cleaning, Septic Tank Pumping Companies can help you avoid wasting your precious time and money.