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Call on us for all your liquid waste management needs in Houston and the surrounding areas.

We are committed to providing comprehensive services that help your business be successful while complying with local regulations regarding your liquid waste, including grease, grit, lint and septic waste.

We are proud to offer our liquid waste solutions in Houston, Alvin, Sugarland and Pearland and can also process non-hazardous wastewater you deliver to our facility in Houston.

Contact us by phone at 281-489-1765 or fax at 713-433-8055, or email us.

We are committed to creating customized, affordable liquid waste solutions that work for our clients. Whether you are a large business in Houston or a small enterprise in Alvin, Sugarland or Pearland, we will ensure you have the solutions you need at a competitive price. Our staff works directly with you, our clients, so that your liquid waste management solutions are handled professionally.