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Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

Home Blog Why You Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

A grease trap acts as a reservoir for the wastewater and food solids that drain from your restaurant’s dishwashers and sinks. As the wastewater cools the grease, oils, and fats harden and become solid in the trap. Wastewater is forced through the grease trap and out into a sanitary sewer, separating from the grease. The grease and food solids remain and accumulate in the trap daily. The main purpose of grease traps is to keep debris out of the sewer systems and prevent pipes from clogging. As an essential part of a restaurant’s plumbing system, grease traps require frequent cleaning services to continue working efficiently. Here are the benefits of regular grease trap cleaning services:

1. Unpleasant Odors

If there is a substantial amount of time between when you scheduled grease trap cleaning services, then the debris and grease that have built up in the trap will start to emit a foul odor. If this mess is left to rot, then the stench can become so pungent that it can foul the air throughout your kitchen. You will begin to notice it even if the grease trap is outside or underground. This smell will negatively impact staff and deter customers from coming to your business.

2. Avoiding Costly Damage

Prolonged storage can cause costly damage to your grease traps and establishment. The food scraps and liquids that are stored inside of your restaurant’s grease trap contain chemical compounds. When these compounds break down, they form hydrogen Sulphur gas which leads to the release of sulfuric acid, which is highly toxic and corrosive. Sulfuric acid can potentially damage the steel and concrete walls of your grease trap. Avoid wasting time and money on future repairs by ensuring you invest in frequent grease trap cleaning services.

3. Legal Requirements

Legal codes require random or regularly scheduled tests to analyze the outflow of your restaurant’s drain and grease trap system. When grease traps are allowed to overflow between cleaning services, high levels of grease are permitted to pass through the municipal sewer. Your restaurant can be penalized for not using regularly scheduled grease trap cleaning services. The penalty can range from fines to suspension of operation.

4. Reduce Clogging and Drain Problems

Keeping your restaurant’s grease trap clean and free of obstructions will allow the whole drain to flow smoothly. As part of the system that takes water from your kitchen sinks and dishwashers, out to the main sewer drainage, the grease trap impacts the flow of drains if it is overfull or plugged. If the drains do become plugged, they will overflow and spill back into your kitchen. This can cause a lot of damage to your restaurant, which is why grease trap cleaning services are critical to the overall function of your business.

5. Make Cleaning Easier

It only takes a few uses before you can notice food sediments beginning to pile up at the bottom of your grease trap. If you ignore this, a thick hard mass of food waste and solid grease will form. This is not easy to remove, but can easily become a barrier that will cause your trap to become smelly and inefficient. Avoid dealing with this altogether with frequent grease trap cleaning services.

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