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Grease Trap Cleaning: Unclogging Restaurant Profits

Home Blog Grease Trap Cleaning: Unclogging Restaurant Profits

Everyone knows that restaurants, no matter what kind of food they serve or what prices they are charging, operate on razor-thin margins. In fact, some restaurants have items that simply lose them money once you factor in the labor and time, but it makes sense just to get people in the door. No matter the restaurant, however, there are simple practices they can employ to ensure that they keep their bottom line low, and their profits high, including restaurant grease trap cleaning. Here are a few ways regular grease trap cleanings can help your profits soar.

1. Efficiency

Many new restaurant owners can be simply astounded by the amount of money they spend per month on things like water, gas and electricity. Some of these costs are simply unavoidable but others can be cut with proper care, like keeping on top of grease traps and other parts of the kitchen. Without regular restaurant grease trap cleaning, your kitchen can end up costing you more money on everything from water to electricity.

It’s important to note that regular restaurant grease trap cleaning keeps your pipes and appliances, like dishwashers, running smoothly. Grease traps can actually slow down your dishwasher’s draining cycle, cause it to back up, or even instigate a flood. This means more power to run a clean cycle, more time and possibly costly clean ups. Inconveniences like this can add up quite quickly.

2. Avoid Health Code Issues

Grease traps usually require regular restaurant grease trap cleaning, not simply because it’s a good idea but because it is required by regulations. This depends on the city, county and state, but almost everywhere requires regular grease trap cleanings. Unfortunately, many health codes do not require the frequency that they should, but you will need proof that your grease traps have been cleaned when the inspector comes around.

3. Preventative Maintenance

At the end of the day, the real savings in regular restaurant grease trap cleaning is in the mess that you can avoid when your traps get clogged or grease becomes an issue in your kitchen. It is no secret that excess grease can be dangerous and completely clog up a kitchen, causing everything from delays to safety issues to potential damage to expensive kitchen equipment. Without regular cleanings by professionals, you could find yourself with very high repair bills, having to close your restaurant for repairs or being faced with a lawsuit, all of which cut into your profits. Rather than risk your restaurant and livelihood, it makes much more sense to practice preventative maintenance with regular cleanings.

If you own a restaurant and require regular restaurant grease trap cleaning, then be sure to contact Drane Ranger. Our efficient and professional grease trap services will help your kitchen run at its best, all while saving you the money and effort of trying to do the cleaning yourself. With Drane Ranger’s professional services, you can help your bottom line and ensure that every dollar of profit is the most it can be, and help you deliver a better experience for your guests.

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