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Three Reasons to Do a Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Home Blog Three Reasons to Do a Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Many commercial businesses have grease traps that need to be cleaned regularly. Restaurants and car washes are some of the most common businesses to have grease traps. The purpose of a grease trap is to separate grease and sludge from other wastewater and prevent it from going back into the water system. It is essential that you do a commercial grease trap cleaning.

Why do a commercial grease trap cleaning?

There are several reasons for commercial grease trap cleanings. One of the most obvious reasons is the smell that happens when a company fails to complete a grease trap cleaning. Grease and other solids build up through the interceptor and into the pit. When they are not thoroughly cleaned, the bacteria and fungus begin to eat away at the waste, causing it to spoil and mold. That’s what results in a very foul smell. When operating a restaurant, kitchen, or any commercial business, foul smells will drive away customers—they may even be a reason for someone to lodge a complaint with the health department. Proper commercial grease trap cleaning can assist in preventing this smell.

How to budget your cleaning

When running a business, it is important to maintain a budget. Complete your commercial grease trap cleaning on a regular basis or you could be at risk of needing costly repairs. These costs come in a variety of ways; the first is that, if your grease trap is not cleaned and gets full, it can then back up the sewage system. When this happens, it could cause localized flooding in your business, damaging the building, the inventory, and forcing the business to shut down for repairs for a period of time. This will cost a loss of revenue as well. If the flooding becomes more regional, then it could potentially cause damage to neighboring businesses, including city property. When this flooding occurs, you could face fines and have to pay for neighboring businesses repairs just for not maintaining your commercial grease trap cleaning.

An additional reason to complete your commercial grease trap cleaning is that, when the trap is not cleaned properly or regularly, there can be an erosion of the pipes and the trap system. These pipes can be expensive to have to replace. When the pipes break down, there is a concern of chemicals mixing with the grease, and this can cause a possible fire hazard.

Environmental Concerns

Another reason to complete your commercial grease trap cleaning is an environmental reason. There is a strain on the fresh water supply, and it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that we look after our environment. If your grease traps build up and become clogged, there is a risk that the grease and solids will mix with the sewage water and go through the waste water system, causing a build-up in the sewage system or even dumping waste back into our natural rivers and oceans, resulting in major environmental concerns (like killing plants and animals, plus polluting the water).

Grease trap cleaning may seem like a small thing on the list of to-do items of your commercial business, but it may also be one of the most important items to complete to make sure that there are no costly expenses or environmental impacts. For more information on commercial grease trap cleaning, click here.

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