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How Commercial Grease Traps Prevent Costly Plumbing Emergencies?

Home Blog How Commercial Grease Traps Prevent Costly Plumbing Emergencies?

There was an old myth that, if you poured your grease down the sink and then chased it with hot water, this was the best way to get rid of fat and grease from your kitchen. We have since learned that this is not a good way at all to dispose of grease and fats. It is a good thing that commercial businesses don’t use this method and instead use commercial grease trap cleaning to dispose of their grease and fats.

Risk of fire

There are laws on how often you need to complete a commercial grease trap cleaning. These laws may vary from city to city or state to state, but they are in place for reasons. As a commercial business, you want to ensure that these timelines are followed, not just for legal reasons, but also to prevent damage and costly plumbing emergencies. One of the major concerns with regard to commercial grease traps that are not cleaned properly is the risk of fire. Fats and oils that are stored or that stay in the grease traps can be flammable, and oil and fat fires tend to burn hotter and longer than a basic fire. This can cause damage to your building, your business, and potentially even injury or death to your employees.

Risk of Health hazards

A business owner continues to monitor operation costs to ensure that the profit margins are as high as possible. One of the biggest worries for business owners is emergencies—and the corresponding unexpected costs of repairs. Doing regular commercial grease trap cleaning can help eliminate some of these costly repairs. When grease traps are not cleaned regularly there can be a buildup of grease and fats. This can then begin to back up the pipes and overflow back into the kitchen, or into another facility where it is being used. When this occurs, there will often be a foul smell, but in addition to that unpleasant odor can also be severe health risks that result from the bacteria that are coming back into the business along with the overflowing grease and fats. This health emergency can shut down your business until the traps are cleaned and the facility is restored to health standards.

Risk of costly repairs or replacement

Commercial grease trap cleaning can assist in preventing damage to the pipes and the trap system. When the traps and pipes are not professionally cleaned on a regular and scheduled basis, the pipes can begin to wear down. The acid and bacteria left in the pipes can corrode the pipes and reduce the integrity of the system. When this happens the pipes and trap system can begin to leak and eventually burst. There would be a huge clean up, but there would also be a costly emergency to replace the entire grease trap system.

Commercial grease trap cleaning is not something that can or should be ignored. By having your grease traps cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you can prevent costly emergencies. For more information about grease trap cleaning in your area click here.

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