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Grease Trap is Not Just a Dirty Word!

Home Blog Grease Trap is Not Just a Dirty Word!

Grease traps can be gross. But they shouldn’t be. In fact, your grease traps should contribute to the overall cleanliness and efficiency of your kitchens. Here are a few reasons why a regular grease trap cleaning service (https://draneranger.com/services/grease-grit-lint-traps/) is important, and how it can help your kitchen stay clean and running at its best.

1. The Smell is Overpowering

Grease traps are fairly self-evident: they trap fats that can’t go into the regular waste disposal system. For many professional kitchens, these traps can get filled up very quickly. The most immediate impact is the smell. The rotting odor can waft throughout the kitchen and beyond, and that is never good for business. A regular and scheduled grease trap cleaning service is your best protection against this smell, and it provides a way to ensure that your kitchen smells, and is, clean.

2. Uncleaned Traps Only Get Worse

When kitchens ignore their grease traps, the smell gets worse, but so does the actual cleaning. The grease that accumulates over time will harden, seep into more parts of the kitchen, and eventually become nearly impossible to clean. Eventually, you won’t be able to simply swap out the trap. You will need full-scale renovations. But by hiring a regular grease trap cleaning service, you can enjoy clean grease traps that are easily maintained, meaning less time cleaning and more time cooking.

3. They Make Kitchens Inefficient

If the smell and the impossibility of cleaning doesn’t make someone want to get a regular grease trap cleaning service, then maybe this will: uncleaned grease traps make kitchens less efficient. This isn’t just because staff are working in poor conditions, but also because uncleaned traps gum up a kitchen’s actual processes. It means that machines run less effectively, things drain noticeably slower, and overall kitchen times increase dramatically. Cleaned and well-maintained grease traps will help kitchens get food out faster, which means happier customers and faster table turnover.

4. Your Plumbing will Thank You

Our kitchens are interconnected more than we think. Every drain, every piece of equipment, eventually hooks up together in some respect, and that is most common in the plumbing system. When grease traps are ignored, they can eventually overflow, and that means the grease will seep into the pipes. From there, it can cause all kinds of problems that are very expensive to fix. A regular grease trap cleaning service will ensure the grease never gets into your pipes and is instead disposed of properly.

Find a Grease Trap Cleaning Service Today

Grease trap doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, clean grease traps are key to running an efficient and successful kitchen. If you run professional kitchens, then you know it pays to have a regular grease trap cleaning service. Drane Ranger is dedicated to offering quick, affordable, and effective grease trap cleaning and other waste disposal services. Contact us today if you want to stop thinking about your grease traps and let your kitchen focus on what it does best: make food.

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