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Guide for Taking Care of Your Grease Trap for Smooth Operations

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If you’re a restaurant owner, then you’re likely already familiar with the ins and outs of your grease trap. If you’re new to the restaurant business, then it’s important to get acquainted with it and to find out how to properly maintain it. If all this seems overwhelming, then you can always look up a “grease trap service near me” and have someone help you out.

Your grease trap is constantly collecting oils, fats, and grease. They come in all kinds of sizes. If you have a smaller one, you will need to maintain it more often. They can only hold a limited capacity of waste, which is why they need to be cleaned. You want to make sure you avoid letting it go so that it doesn’t get backed up and overflow. A grease trap overflowing could damage the plumbing, and if it got really serious, it could negatively impact the city’s waterways. It’s also bad for the environment and could warrant fines. A well-maintained grease trap will also help you pass your health inspection.

Here is a quick guide to taking care of your grease trap.

Proper Equipment

A benefit of searching for a grease trap service is that you will not have to worry about all of the equipment you need to clean a grease trap. Some things you may already have, like rubber gloves, a bucket, soap and water, and a shop vacuum. However, you also need a gas mask to protect yourself from the fumes, protective clothing, a crowbar, a wrench, a metal scraper, a flat wooden stick like a paint stirrer, and a marker. Once you have all the gear, you’re ready to get started—but that is a lot of investment in gear for something you could hire in an expert for.

Cleaning the Grease Trap

First, you must remove the top cover of your grease trap with the crowbar. Then you need to find out how full your tank is. Take your paint stick and pass it through the top layer of grease to the bottom of the tank. Mark the top with a marker. With either a bucket or your shop vacuum, drain the water. Avoid removing the grease. Let it sit at the bottom when you’re done, and be sure to keep the water for later. Now you can clean out the grease with your scoop and scraper. Make sure the walls of the tank are free of grease. Once it’s all gone, clean the whole tank with soap and water. Rinse all removable parts as well. Once it’s all nice and clean, put all the removable parts back and pour in your water.

This may sound simple enough, but there’s a lot that can go wrong. You could easily damage seals or miss cleaning areas that could become a health—or clog—risk in the future. Plus, for all the effort you put in, you could easily have called a grease trap service. It’s the easy and quick solution.

Conclusion: it’s better to find a grease trap service near me

Keeping your kitchen and restaurant clean is important for your business and your customers. It needs to be maintained regularly. It’s a tough job cleaning the grease trap on your own. It’s also hard to do it as regularly and often as is needed. Save your energy by searching for a “grease trap service near me”. Let an expert take care of it for you and focus on the other smooth operations of your business. Contact us to know more information.

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