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What Types of Cleaners are Safe with a Septic Tank?

Home Blog What Types of Cleaners are Safe with a Septic Tank?

Is your septic tank in need of a deep clean? Perhaps you have noticed a smell or some discoloration around its location. Or maybe you want to make sure that it’s working fine. In all of these instances, a good cleaning and some septic tank maintenance can help. But what do you use? What are some important maintenance tips for doing the job right? We cover all of this in the following article.

Before we get into what cleaners can work best, it’s important to mention that septic tank maintenance and cleaning is not for everyone. Not only can you risk exposure to sewage, but septic tanks themselves also need to be treated carefully to ensure they continue doing their job. If you have experience with septic tanks, then simple cleanings can be done with the right procedures, equipment, and chemicals. If you don’t, then you can save time and money by getting the job done by the professionals at Drane Ranger.

Septic Tank Cleaners

The best products for cleaning your septic rank are dedicated, commercial-grade septic tank cleaners. These are specially designed to work on septic tanks, but they are not widely available. They are made available to professionals because they are intense and pose some safety risks for people who don’t know how to use them.

For household cleaners, your best bet is bleach and ammonia. That said, your septic tank relies on a careful balance of bacteria to break down its contents. Too much of these and you will upset that balance and render your septic tank useless.

After bleach and ammonia, drain cleaner is your best bet. Once again, this is a harsh chemical that can mess up the ecosystem in your tank, so a little goes a long way.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Now that you’re armed with some cleaning tips, let’s look at some tips that can help extend the life of your septic tank:

• With the exception of dedicated septic tank cleaners or small, infrequent amounts of the cleaners listed earlier in this article, you should keep your septic tank clear of chemicals, non biodegradables, phosphates, etc.

• You should also keep fat, oil, and grease out of the system. Septic tanks should contain sewage and sewage only.

• Always keep good drainage around the field.

• Keep ground water, including sump pump discharge, away from the drain field.

• Contact professionals for scheduled maintenance and pump outs as required.

• Keep track of your usage so you don’t overload the system.

Your Choice for Professional Septic Tank Maintenance

Drane Ranger was founded on the idea that people should have access to reliable and affordable waste and waste removal services. Our team of professionals has offered local people and businesses the services they need to operate properly, including septic tank maintenance. If you own a septic tank and want it properly cleaned and maintained, then we can help. Contact us today or visit this page to learn about our septic tank maintenance options and the many other services that we offer.

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