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Grease traps, grit traps and lint traps in the Houston area must be emptied and cleaned every three months according to city laws. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your traps ensures that your business continues to run smoothly, and helps you avoid costly fines. At Drane Ranger, we are proud to serve all of our customers’ needs from restaurant grease trap cleaning to laundry lint trap cleaning and car wash grit trap cleaning in Houston.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

It is important that you hire a professional grease trap cleaning service to empty and clean your business’ grease traps regularly. Grease traps must be emptied every three months in order to comply with local regulations, but for some busy restaurants, the traps should be emptied more often. Let us take care of this unpleasant, yet necessary, job to keep your business running smoothly.

We offer complete grease trap cleaning and maintenance, including grease trap odor control to ensure that your traps remain effective and do not interfere with the safe and sanitary running of your business.
We offer numerous services for all of your trap needs, whether that’s quarterly maintenance plans or regular disposal and cleaning.

Poorly managed grease traps lead to unwanted odors and costly sewage backups. Don’t let your dirty grease traps cause you headaches and expense. Our team at Drane Ranger has over 30 years of experience with commercial grease trap cleaning in Houston and the surrounding communities. Not only do we efficiently remove and clean your grease traps, we also dispose of the waste safely.

Commercial Lint Trap Cleaning

Hotels, hospitals, uniform rental businesses, and laundry services all need their commercial lint traps cleaned out periodically. Clogged and dirty lint traps reduce the efficiency of your equipment and cost time and money in the long term. Dirty lint traps are also an incredibly dangerous fire hazard. Just like grease trap cleaning, lint trap cleaning needs to be performed regularly to conform to local trap cleaning laws. Regular cleaning also ensures that your business can continue to run at peak performance. 

Commercial Grit Trap Cleaning

Regular grit trap cleaning is just as important as regular grease trap cleaning, especially in the Houston area. Our landscape means more grit, dirt and sand accumulate in car wash grit traps than it does in other places. Your grit traps need to be emptied and/or cleaned at least every three months, but possibly more often if you have a busy location.

Failing to properly empty and clean grit traps regularly can lead to backed up water lines, which can shut down your whole operation until repaired. Avoid costly downtime and equipment damage by calling in the professionals. Drane Ranger can set you up with a reliable maintenance schedule, so you don’t have to worry about grit trap cleaning in Houston again.

Environmentally Responsible

Our experienced team uses top-of-the-line liquid waste removal equipment to safely perform lint, grit and grease traps cleaning services. We use an environmentally responsible system for liquid waste removal that complies with all local regulations.

Excellent Customer Service

At Drane Ranger, we offer a wide range of liquid waste management solutions. We stay on top of the local laws and make sure that our customers are in compliance. Whether it is grease, grit or lint trap cleaning services that you require, our customer service team can set up a reliable maintenance schedule. Let us take care of your lint, grit and grease trap cleaning needs so you can get back to running your business. 

Experienced Professionals

Drane Ranger is proud to offer the Houston area experienced and reliable grease, grit and lint trap cleaning services. Since 1985, Drane Ranger has been providing Houston area businesses with professional liquid waste management solutions. We have a highly skilled team of professionals that thoroughly cleans traps in compliance with local regulations. When you are searching for “grease trap services near me,” look no further than Drane Ranger.

Service Area: We provide grease trap, grit trap, lint traps cleaning and maintenance services in the following cities and counties in Texas:    
Cities: Houston, Alvin, League City, Manvel, Rosharon, Angleton, Friendswood, Pearland, Sugar Land, Texas City
Counties: Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Brazoria County, Galveston County
Zip Codes: All zip codes in 100 miles from Houston