Why Should You Consider Hiring a Wastewater Lift Station Professional?

A wastewater lift station is one of the most important parts of many wastewater disposal and collection systems. They are often found in larger buildings or ones that require some help in disposing of wastewater in a safe and effective manner. Today, we are going to talk about why you need a qualified professional to help with any wastewater lift station in Houston.

But first: what is a wastewater lift station? The answer is in the name. These devices lift wastewater from lower to higher elevations, often to account for water that is collected below the natural water level of the area or to help move it to a better drainage point. They are often quite complex devices, which is why most people with a wastewater lift station in Houston (https://draneranger.com/services/wastewater-lift-station-houston/) contact professionals to help repair and maintain these devices.

If you own a wastewater lift station in Houston, here are a few reasons why you need to contact Drane Ranger to professionally and properly maintain your station.

Wastewater Lift Stations are Complex

Did you know that most wastewater lift stations are surprisingly complex devices? They often use a combination of mechanical and electrical pumping mechanisms to move and store the wastewater that they collect, and that means you need a professional to help fix your wastewater lift station in Houston.

If your wastewater lift station in Houston is damaged, there may be many reasons for the issue. It could be as simple as replacing a part or as complex as fixing the entire system. In either case, only experienced professionals can help you with your wastewater lift station in Houston.

Fixing Wastewater Lift Stations can be Dangerous

As with any device that is moving large amounts of wastewater, your wastewater lift station in Houston can be a dangerous piece of machinery that is handled improperly. That is why you must contact a professional to help with any repairs and maintenance of your lift station. Without the right procedures for turning it off and preparing the area for safe repairs, you could end up hurting yourself. So instead of risking your own health and safety, contact Drane Ranger for help with your wastewater lift station.

Regular Maintenance will Save You Money

As with most things in life, it is much cheaper to have something fixed than replaced. This is especially true for your wastewater lift station in Houston. Instead of waiting for it to break, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with a professional lift station expert. They can help maintain your device and reduce the need for costly repairs that spring from poor or non-existent maintenance.

If you have a wastewater lift station, then you will need to hire professionals to handle its maintenance and repairs. Just like other wastewater devices, like sump pumps, these contraptions require professional service and maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. So if you have a wastewater lift station in Houston, contact Drane Ranger. We can repair and schedule regular maintenance of your lift station to make sure that it’s working properly for longer.

Ways to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank and the entire system are vital for your home if you are not living in an area with a community sewer hookup. However, you do have to take some steps to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times and that it won’t break down early. There are several things you can do to enhance the lifespan of your septic tank beyond just standard septic tank pump out service, and below is a compiled list of things you need to take care of to keep your septic tank system in good working condition.

Understand your Septic System

There are several components to your septic system, and to ensure that you are keeping a proper eye on them, you need to know where they are and some of their specifics. Most importantly, you need to know where your septic tank is located (especially when hiring a septic tank pump out service to empty it), and where your drain field is. You need to monitor your drain field to ensure there are no wet patches or extra green spots—those are signs that your system is being overtaxed or malfunctioning. Also, try to keep a detailed maintenance record to ensure you don’t miss a scheduled pumping or maintenance check.

Pumping Schedule

Regular pumping from a septic tank pump-out service is vital to ensuring your septic tank doesn’t overflow and get damaged. You should have regularly scheduled pumping services every 3-5 years for the standard household; however, you can inquire with your service provider as to the ideal time for your family size and septic tank size. Keeping to a strict schedule will greatly enhance the lifespan of your septic tank.


Outside of your regularly scheduled septic tank pump-out service, you should have that same service company come around at least once a year just to inspect the tank to ensure none of the components are showing signs of wear or damage. Getting ahead of issues is a surefire way to keep your tank in tip-top shape for years to come.

Don’t Drain Water into Your Drain Field

Once you know the location of the drain field for your septic tank, you should avoid draining additional water into that area, if at all possible. Putting extra strain on that part of your lawn can cause it to become saturated with water, and the tank won’t be able to properly dump excess water out, causing back-ups and damage. Regular septic tank pump-out services will help you troubleshoot for issues like this.

Take Care with your Drains

What goes down your drain ends up in your septic tank, so if you want to enhance the lifespan of your septic tank, you should not dump something down your drain that can be damaging to the system. This can include so-called “septic tank cleaners” or “drain cleaners” that can actually end up damaging the good bacteria in your tank, reducing its effectiveness. Non-flushable items like diapers, food, tampons, and hair should also be avoided; they could cause major clogs and backups. Also, you should consider how much water you are flushing down your drains to avoid overfilling the tank before it can drain excess water into the drain field. You may need to schedule early septic tank pump-out service if you believe too many bad things have gone down your drain and into the tank.

If you are looking for a professional septic tank pump-out service in the Houston Texas area, then contact Drane Ranger today to schedule an appointment.