Wastewater Lift Station – Tips for Finding the Best One

Wastewater lift stations are the types of things that most people do not even think about until they need one. Yet these handy devices are integral for many small businesses in Texas. Essentially, they help wastewater move when gravity is against you, helping your business stay clean and within local regulations. If you are looking for a wastewater lift station in Houston, then here are a few tips to help you find the right one, and some advice on making sure it keeps running as efficiently as possible now and into the future.

1. Look at Wet Well Materials

Wastewater lift stations can be roughly divided into two parts: the wet well and the controls. The wet well itself is essentially a basin housing the inflow and pumps. For a wastewater lift station in Houston, the material will generally be fiberglass or concrete. Some are metal but these are increasingly rare because of their malleability and cost, especially compared to fiberglass.

2. Think about Design and Controls

While most wastewater lift stations run on their own, it is always important to consider the design and controls of the device. For the controls, you will need to think about ease of use. Are the controls simple and easy to decipher? If you needed to, could you shut it down or make adjustments as necessary? Look for a device that makes operation easy so that you can take control when necessary.

3. Connect with a Qualified Lift Station Maintenance Company

If you own a wastewater lift station in Houston, then it will require maintenance every once and awhile. This can be anything from routine check-ups and tune-ups to actual full repairs on broken stations. Since lift stations are actually quite complicated devices, it is best to leave these sorts of jobs to professional companies like Drane Ranger. Since we have the experience and tools necessary to keep lift stations working at their absolute best, we can make sure that your lift station is working as efficiently as possible, and for longer.

4. Make Sure Your Lift Station Gets Regular Cleanings

Lift station cleaning is one of the most important aspects of many local businesses. Without regular cleanings, your lift station can actually be vulnerable to costly repairs, which is why so many companies choose to have regular, scheduled lift station cleanings through an experienced and professional company. For people with a wastewater lift station in Houston, many choose Drane Ranger. We can make lift station cleaning easy and effortless, coming at regular intervals to ensure that your lift station is clean and working as efficiently as possible.

If you have or need a wastewater lift station in Houston, then be sure to contact Drane Ranger. Our maintenance packages and repair services can ensure that your lift station works for years to come. Without the right services for your lift station, you could end up paying more in costly repairs, plus the fact that a dirty lift station will work much less efficiently.

Wastewater Lift Station in Houston – The Benefits of Using a Lift Station

Are you looking for a wastewater lift station in Houston? If you are, we have some tips for finding a company to help keep your plumbing and sewage disposal system working around the clock. It can become a nightmare quickly when a lift station is down. If it’s a bad situation it can even make it to the evening news; and no commercial or industrial business wants to take responsibility for such a mess.

Hiring an experienced wastewater lift station in Houston to support you can greatly reduce the chances of a catastrophic failure. For those of you who don’t know how they work, we’ll begin with a brief description:

Sewer systems go into a central collection point (lift station). The basin is usually made of fiberglass or concrete and is kept in a hole in the ground. The second part of a lift station is the wet-well controls. The sewage flow is discharged into the basin where the wet-well is.

The wet-well has one or two pumps and its function is to pump the fluids into a downstream point which is either another lift station or a treatment plant. A company that maintains a wastewater lift station in Houston must be an expert at what they do.

Knowing this information and the benefits of a lift station will help you find the best wastewater lift station in Houston.

Tips to Finding a Wastewater Station in Houston

The main benefit of a lift station is that it’s easy to take care of, thus there are less opportunities for something to go wrong. There are three main roles of a company that cleans and keeps it running smoothly.

Wet-Wells Inside Maintenance – Wastewater Lift Station in Houston

When a wet-well isn’t kept properly a number of problems can ensue, such as sewer infrastructure damage, backups or environmental spills. It’s important that they are checked and cleaned regularly.

Lift Station Repair – Wastewater Lift Station in Houston

When a lift station breaks the consequences range from standing water, to unpleasant odors and serious health or environmental issues. Help from an expert is crucial if the plumbing relies on the sewage lift station.

Safe Disposal of Sewage Materials – Wastewater Lift Station in Houston

When sewage materials are sent to a disposal site via a pump, it’s important that the pump is working properly at all times. This is another job of a maintenance company.

Each wastewater lift station in Houston has unique features that must be accounted for. Some aspects will affect the operation, others may affect required safety procedures. A wet-well hazard assessment should be done before installation. Proper planning ties into the water, timing, safety, and disposal aspects to make sure the maintenance and cleaning are done as safely and efficiently as possible.

If you’re looking for a wastewater lift station in Houston, we can help. You can call us to make scheduled visits to your property to inspect and maintain your sewage system. For more information you can visit our website.