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Grease Trap Cleaning – Tips to Keep Your Grease Trap Functioning Well

Home Blog Grease Trap Cleaning – Tips to Keep Your Grease Trap Functioning Well

What should you be doing to keep your grease trap functioning well? A lot of people think that taking care of your grease trap ends with installation, however, there are a lot of things you need to do to ensure your grease trap remains effective and durable. Let’s dive into some of the most important tips to consider when it comes to keeping your grease trap clean, and why a grease trap cleaning service proves essential.

Ensure There Are No Leaks

One of the most crucial things to pay attention to with your grease trap is that the grease is going where it’s supposed to. If you’ve been using the trap for a week and there’s no grease in it, there might be a problem such as a leak. This can cause grease pooling in other areas and become a serious fire hazard, so it’s vital to call a grease trap cleaning service if ever you notice there’s something suspicious going on with your grease trap collection.

Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain

Lots of people think that after purchasing a grease trap, they can just pour the grease right down they’re drain, but this can be a costly mistake. Dumping grease directly down your drain can cause clogs and damage your trap or pipes. Your safest bet to avoid issues like this is to store the grease separately, and have the grease trap cleaning service collect it when they perform their cleaning—any good service will be happy to do this for you.

Use Proper Composting/Garbage Disposal

Just as pouring grease down your drain can cause clogs and damages, food and garbage will do the same. Many people try to wash food bits down their drain, but this can cause serious issues with your grease trap and your plumbing, so it’s best to invest in the appropriate composting and waste bins instead. If you have got a bit of food build-up that you want to get rid of, make sure you get a grease trap cleaning service in there right away to deal with the problem before anything bad might happen.

Regular Pumping/Cleaning by Professionals

Maintenance is key for any appliance, and grease traps are no exception from this at all. Without routine pumping and cleaning, your grease trap will overflow or need repairs, resulting in costly and unpleasant issues that you don’t want to run into. A professional grease trap cleaning service and grease trap pumping service will be able to safely and effectively maintain your grease trap, to help ensure you get the most use out of it and need as little repairs as possible.

Overall, grease traps must be maintained properly if you want to avoid costly problems and needless replacements. A good grease trap cleaning service is the way to go, and can assist you with identifying potential problems, clearing out built-up issues, and maintaining your grease traps. If you have a grease trap, the odds are you need to invest in a local grease trap cleaning service on the regular.

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