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How Do You Know It’s Time to Empty Your Septic Tank?

Home Blog How Do You Know It’s Time to Empty Your Septic Tank?

Some homes use septic tanks instead of the municipal sewer system in order to dispose of household sewage. If your house is like mine and has a septic tank, there are a few things that you need to keep on top of to make sure it continues to work smoothly. There’s nothing worse than dealing with the issues of a broken septic system. Finding a reliable company that specializes in septic tank cleaning near me made all the difference.

How often should your septic tank be emptied?

The biggest questions that people have about their septic tank is how often it should be emptied and how you know when it is time. There are a few signs that it is time to find a good company to take care of your septic tank cleaning:

1) “It has been two or three years since I last looked into septic tank cleaning.” This is the easiest way to know when it is time to call for a septic system service. If you keep on top of a routine, then you won’t have to deal with a broken septic system.

2) “My drains get slow.” Slow drains can be a sign of a clog in the septic system or a need for the system to be emptied and cleaned. Either way, a search for “septic tank cleaning near me” should be done as soon as possible.

3) When septic tanks are overdue for emptying or cleaning, they start to smell. When I notice bad smells coming from my drains or the septic field, it is time to find someone who specializes in septic tank cleaning.

4) If my septic field or the area where my tank empties out the wastewater is becoming overly green, it might be a sign that some solid waste is flushing out along with the water. That’s when I know that I need to contact a company that does septic tank cleaning.

5) If the septic field is getting flooded or waterlogged, I know I need to find septic tank cleaning professionals. Too much water draining into the field can mean that my septic system needs emptying or maintenance.

The easiest way to keep on top of your septic system is to just schedule regular maintenance and cleaning. The tank should be emptied every two or three years. As long as you don’t leave it too long, you shouldn’t have a problem with an overfilled septic tank. Finding a reliable company that does septic tank cleaning has made all the difference. I can count on them to keep on top of my septic tank needs so I don’t have to worry about it.

Finding the right company for “septic tank cleaning near me”

Drane Ranger is an excellent choice when looking online for “septic tank cleaning near me.” They serve all zip codes within a 100-mile radius of Houston. They are reliable and efficient and take pride in their excellent work. Drane Ranger’s quality work and excellent customer service keep their customers coming back for all their septic system needs.

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