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Importance of Vacuum Truck Services

Raw sewage and porta-potties are the kinds of things most people don’t really want to talk about, especially on a lovely summer’s day in the sun. And thanks to vacuum truck services, we don’t have to talk about it. Anyone who is wondering about the importance of vacuum truck services would never want to be without them. If you are thinking of doing a quick search for vacuum truck services near me and are wondering about why… well, let’s talk about what they do, and why vacuum truck services are important.

What does a vacuum truck do?

A vacuum truck is a tank truck with a pump and a tank that will clean out waste materials that nothing else can really handle. If you type ‘Vacuum truck services near me,’ they arrive and are able to pump any waste materials, wet or dry, from contaminated soils; they can empty septic tanks or clean up raw waste. They keep it all clean and friendly. Just give them a call when you have an unmanageable mess, and before you know it, everything will be clean and ready to start fresh.

Vacuum truck services keep the systems clean. Anything that clogs up the pumps, the ground, the holding tanks, or any water areas needs to be pumped out and serviced. Vacuum trucks, when called, keep these water areas clean and free of unwanted debris so that the whole system remains clean, clear, and working to the best efficiency. That is why it is so important to call in ‘vacuum truck services near me.’ We know how important clean water is, and how dangerous it is when septic tanks, or sewer systems, overflow.

But that’s not all that ‘vacuum truck services near me’ can do

Vacuum truck services handle these jobs efficiently and effectively, and they handle them with a smile! Certainly, a vacuum tank truck can remove wastewater and other large or small materials easily and in a way that no other services can do. That is why, although it’s not nice to think of the job that they do, it is even worse to think about what it might be like if there weren’t any vacuum truck services near me! These trucks can handle any mess and any hard clean up jobs because that is what they are made to do.

The best vacuum truck services are environmentally friendly and will always be there to do the dirty work. This is not a job to do by yourself, so call for vacuum truck services near me to find a company that is customer-focused, there when you need them, and available in an emergency.

Another essential for an important vacuum truck rental service is that they be environmentally friendly and aware of all appropriate regulations that are in operation in your area. When you call vacuum truck services near me the reason you are looking for local services like Drane Ranger is that you are looking for a company that knows your community and cares.

Grease Trap Cleaning – Tips to Keep Your Grease Trap Functioning Well

What should you be doing to keep your grease trap functioning well? A lot of people think that taking care of your grease trap ends with installation, however, there are a lot of things you need to do to ensure your grease trap remains effective and durable. Let’s dive into some of the most important tips to consider when it comes to keeping your grease trap clean, and why a grease trap cleaning service proves essential.

Ensure There Are No Leaks

One of the most crucial things to pay attention to with your grease trap is that the grease is going where it’s supposed to. If you’ve been using the trap for a week and there’s no grease in it, there might be a problem such as a leak. This can cause grease pooling in other areas and become a serious fire hazard, so it’s vital to call a grease trap cleaning service if ever you notice there’s something suspicious going on with your grease trap collection.

Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain

Lots of people think that after purchasing a grease trap, they can just pour the grease right down they’re drain, but this can be a costly mistake. Dumping grease directly down your drain can cause clogs and damage your trap or pipes. Your safest bet to avoid issues like this is to store the grease separately, and have the grease trap cleaning service collect it when they perform their cleaning—any good service will be happy to do this for you.

Use Proper Composting/Garbage Disposal

Just as pouring grease down your drain can cause clogs and damages, food and garbage will do the same. Many people try to wash food bits down their drain, but this can cause serious issues with your grease trap and your plumbing, so it’s best to invest in the appropriate composting and waste bins instead. If you have got a bit of food build-up that you want to get rid of, make sure you get a grease trap cleaning service in there right away to deal with the problem before anything bad might happen.

Regular Pumping/Cleaning by Professionals

Maintenance is key for any appliance, and grease traps are no exception from this at all. Without routine pumping and cleaning, your grease trap will overflow or need repairs, resulting in costly and unpleasant issues that you don’t want to run into. A professional grease trap cleaning service and grease trap pumping service will be able to safely and effectively maintain your grease trap, to help ensure you get the most use out of it and need as little repairs as possible.

Overall, grease traps must be maintained properly if you want to avoid costly problems and needless replacements. A good grease trap cleaning service is the way to go, and can assist you with identifying potential problems, clearing out built-up issues, and maintaining your grease traps. If you have a grease trap, the odds are you need to invest in a local grease trap cleaning service on the regular.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Wastewater Lift Station Professional?

A wastewater lift station is one of the most important parts of many wastewater disposal and collection systems. They are often found in larger buildings or ones that require some help in disposing of wastewater in a safe and effective manner. Today, we are going to talk about why you need a qualified professional to help with any wastewater lift station in Houston.

But first: what is a wastewater lift station? The answer is in the name. These devices lift wastewater from lower to higher elevations, often to account for water that is collected below the natural water level of the area or to help move it to a better drainage point. They are often quite complex devices, which is why most people with a wastewater lift station in Houston contact professionals to help repair and maintain these devices.

If you own a wastewater lift station in Houston, here are a few reasons why you need to contact Drane Ranger to professionally and properly maintain your station.

Wastewater Lift Stations are Complex

Did you know that most wastewater lift stations are surprisingly complex devices? They often use a combination of mechanical and electrical pumping mechanisms to move and store the wastewater that they collect, and that means you need a professional to help fix your wastewater lift station in Houston.

If your wastewater lift station in Houston is damaged, there may be many reasons for the issue. It could be as simple as replacing a part or as complex as fixing the entire system. In either case, only experienced professionals can help you with your wastewater lift station in Houston.

Fixing Wastewater Lift Stations can be Dangerous

As with any device that is moving large amounts of wastewater, your wastewater lift station in Houston can be a dangerous piece of machinery is handled improperly. That is why you must contact a professional to help with any repairs and maintenance of your lift station. Without the right procedures for turning it off and preparing the area for safe repairs, you could end up hurting yourself. So instead of risking your own health and safety, contact Drane Ranger for help with your wastewater lift station.

Regular Maintenance will Save You Money

As with most things in life, it is much cheaper to have something fixed than replaced. This is especially true for your wastewater lift station in Houston. Instead of waiting for it to break, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with a professional lift station expert. They can help maintain your device and reduce the need for costly repairs that spring from poor or non-existent maintenance.

If you have a wastewater lift station, then you will need to hire professionals to handle its maintenance and repairs. Just like other wastewater devices, like sump pumps, these contraptions require professional service and maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. So if you have a wastewater lift station in Houston, contact Drane Ranger. We can repair and schedule regular maintenance of your lift station to make sure that it’s working properly for longer.

Ways to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank and the entire system are vital for your home if you are not living in an area with a community sewer hookup. However, you do have to take some steps to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times and that it won’t break down early. There are several things you can do to enhance the lifespan of your septic tank beyond just standard septic tank pump out service, and below is a compiled list of things you need to take care of to keep your septic tank system in good working condition.

Understand your Septic System

There are several components to your septic system, and to ensure that you are keeping a proper eye on them, you need to know where they are and some of their specifics. Most importantly, you need to know where your septic tank is located (especially when hiring a septic tank pump out service to empty it), and where your drain field is. You need to monitor your drain field to ensure there are no wet patches or extra green spots—those are signs that your system is being overtaxed or malfunctioning. Also, try to keep a detailed maintenance record to ensure you don’t miss a scheduled pumping or maintenance check.

Pumping Schedule

Regular pumping from a septic tank pump-out service is vital to ensuring your septic tank doesn’t overflow and get damaged. You should have regularly scheduled pumping services every 3-5 years for the standard household; however, you can inquire with your service provider as to the ideal time for your family size and septic tank size. Keeping to a strict schedule will greatly enhance the lifespan of your septic tank.


Outside of your regularly scheduled septic tank pump-out service, you should have that same service company come around at least once a year just to inspect the tank to ensure none of the components are showing signs of wear or damage. Getting ahead of issues is a surefire way to keep your tank in tip-top shape for years to come.

Don’t Drain Water into Your Drain Field

Once you know the location of the drain field for your septic tank, you should avoid draining additional water into that area, if at all possible. Putting extra strain on that part of your lawn can cause it to become saturated with water, and the tank won’t be able to properly dump excess water out, causing back-ups and damage. Regular septic tank pump-out services will help you troubleshoot for issues like this.

Take Care with your Drains

What goes down your drains ends up in your septic tank, so if you want to enhance the lifespan of your septic tank, you should not dump something down your drain that can be damaging to the system. This can include so-called “septic tank cleaners” or “drain cleaners” that can actually end up damaging the good bacteria in your tank, reducing its effectiveness. Non-flushable items like diapers, food, tampons, and hair should also be avoided; they could cause major clogs and backups. Also, you should consider how much water you are flushing down your drains to avoid overfilling the tank before it can drain excess water into the drain field. You may need to schedule early septic tank pump-out service if you believe too many bad things have gone down your drain and into the tank.

If you are looking for a professional septic tank pump-out service in the Houston Texas area, then contact Drane Ranger today to schedule an appointment.

How Routine Septic Tank Cleaning Avoids Expensive Repairs & Replacements?

Using your sink, toilet, shower, bathtub, and anything else that uses your plumbing system happens multiple times a day, and you probably don’t have a second thought about it. However, if you are on a septic tank system, as you might if you live in a rural area, you may want to think about the last time you performed maintenance on your septic tank, or the last time you had it cleaned out. Ensuring that your septic tank system has a proper maintenance routine is an important step to avoiding expensive repairs and replacements in the future. While there are some things you can do yourself, for safety reasons, you should hire the services of a company that specializes in septic tank cleaning in Alvin, TX.

How Routine Septic Tank Cleaning Prevents Troubles

Family Safety

If everything is going smoothly with your septic tank system, you should never even notice it working. However, when things do start to go wrong, it can be dangerous to both your property and your possessions, as well as to your family and pets. Signs of a malfunctioning septic tank system can include waste starting to back up in your home, exposing people and animals to dangerous bacteria and fumes from the septic waste. As well, you may notice that your lawn is getting extra green in a certain area, and maybe even a bit swampy as the drainage field starts to fail. This can damage your property, but it is also harmful to children or pets that try to play in that area. Septic tank cleaning in Alvin, TX, can not only ensure your system is clean, but it also provides the opportunity to check on the system and replace any components that are starting to fail.

Preventing Damage to Your Home

A malfunctioning septic tank system that results from not being cleaned properly can result in your plumbing backing up, which can flood your home with water and sewage. Cleaning up a small water mess can be easy, but once you start getting sewage included, it can quickly become very expensive because you will likely need some form of remediation team to come in and remove soiled floors, walls, and possessions safe. With a simple maintenance routine that includes septic tank cleaning in Alvin, TX, you can rest easy knowing that your septic tank system is running smoothly, taking care of waste and not spewing it back out.

Extended Lifetime

Any appliance in your home is going to need occasional cleaning or maintenance to ensure it is working at peak efficiency, and to extend the life of the product. Having your septic tank system overflow from lack of cleaning and emptying can damage the components within, leading to more expenses beyond the cleanup. With a regular septic tank cleaning schedule, you can give your septic tank components the best chance at a long life, cutting down on your costs of component replacement or repairs.

Septic Tank Cleaning – Beneficial for a Smooth-Running System

Save yourself the trouble and the money that is required to replace and repair septic tank components by contacting a septic tank cleaning service in Alvin, TX, such as Drane Ranger, and requesting a free quote today.

Follow these Simple Instructions for Effective Functioning of Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are one of those things on your property that you likely do not think about until you have to. In fact, most people have no idea how their septic tanks work, which can lead to many problems. That is why everyone should know a little about their septic tanks to understand the basics of proper maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your septic tank is functioning and how to know when it is time to call the professionals for repairs and septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas.

1. Know the Sings of Malfunction

If your property has a septic tank, then the first thing you need to do is learn the signs of a malfunctioning unit. Here are a few of the most common signs of an improperly functioning septic tank. If you can spot these, then you can catch the first signs that you may need to call in the experts for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas—or for a more significant service:

• The grass and foliage around your septic tank are noticeably greener than anywhere else.

• Your toilets and showers are backing up regularly.

• Loud gurgling sound in the plumbing system.

• Bad odors around the septic tank.

2. Commit to Regular Maintenance

Your septic tank is like everything else in your life: if you pay attention and make sure it is properly maintained, then it will last longer and keep doing its job. But if you ignore it and never commit to regular maintenance and check-ups, it will fail sooner and end up causing your more grief—and costing you more money. That is why it is important to find a company that can perform regular maintenance and septic tank cleaning. Without expert and regular maintenance, you may find yourself finding the signs of the malfunction much sooner than without the regular attention.

3. Know When to Call in the Experts

While many people would like the think of themselves as handy people, the truth is that septic tanks are actually quite complicated, not to mention that most people would rather not repair one themselves. That is why it is important to know when to call in the experts. Without the proper attention of someone who knows what they are doing, you could end up with much bigger problems. Even worse, an improper repair could require you to replace your entire septic tank. Instead of risking the extra costs incurred by improper maintenance, it’s always better to call in the professionals for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas.

Keeping your septic tank functioning properly requires a combination of proper maintenance, understanding the signs of a malfunctioning septic tank, and knowing when to call in the professionals. If you are in need of expert septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas, then be sure to call Drane Ranger. We have the experience, know-how, and tools necessary to make sure that your septic tank is working properly, and we can handle cleaning or even replacement whenever necessary. Contact us today to learn more about how we can handle your septic tank needs so that you don’t have to.

Four Reasons to Hire Septic Tank Pump Out Services

Most commonly found in rural areas where there is no centralized sewer system, septic tanks are found underground and treat wastewater. Together with the power of nature and technology, septic tanks treat the wastewater produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry, for example. Septic tanks function by digesting organic matter and separating floatable matter (ex. oil and grease) and solids from the wastewater. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, households with a septic tank system should have it inspected at least every three years by a professional septic service company. As well, septic tanks should receive septic tank pump out service every three to five years. At Drane Ranger, we provide septic tank pump-out service and maintenance services in the Greater Houston-area.

Here are four major reasons to hire a professional to perform a septic tank pump-out service:

To Prevent Overflow and System Failure

As the septic tank fills up, it’s important to empty the tank, based on recommended guidelines. By not having a septic tank pump-out service performed, owners run the risk of overflow, which may result in damaging the septic system, backing up the plumbing, and ruining your landscape, all of which costs money to repair. Depending on the size of your household, you may need to empty your septic tank more frequently. When you hire a professional to perform a septic tank pump-out service, they will also discuss maintenance programs, which are designed to protect your system against failure and reduce the chance of clogs and other drainage issues. Proper maintenance also will help your septic tank to leach wastewater efficiently into your soil without causing landscape or plumbing damage.

Save Time and Money

If you’re considering cleaning out your own septic tank, you may want to think again. It’s not a cheap project, and it could end up costing more if done incorrectly. Without the proper training, locating the source of the issue could waste time. Drane Ranger experts are trained to locate the issue quickly and provide effective, cost-efficient results. Save time and money, contact us today!

Professionals Have the Correct Equipment and Training

Performing a proper septic tank pump-out service requires the right equipment and training. Tools include a gully sucker, high-water pressure jets, and other industry-grade, high tech tools. Equally important is the environmental aspect of a septic tank pump-out service. At Drane Ranger, we are committed to the safe and secure disposal of sewage.

Safety Assurance

Individuals who choose to clean their own septic tank put themselves at risk for infection and/or illness. Without the proper training and equipment, it’s easy to come in contact with dangerous bacteria and gases, which are emitted through the tank. Exposure to these harmful contaminants can lead to serious illnesses that can easily spread. Don’t risk your health or the health of others!

Contact Drane Ranger today and have a professional come out to perform your septic tank pump out service. Our experts work with safety masks and other special gear to execute the job correctly and safely!

The Ultimate Guide for Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks work around the clock to move and process wastewater. While a fairly simple and straightforward process, septic tank systems can get backed-up and cause a lot of issues when not maintained. Poorly serviced septic tanks can lead to system failure and a large bill in tow. To avoid costly repairs, it is critical that septic tank maintenance is part of your annual upkeep.

Septic Tank Basics

Septic tanks are tasked with moving wastewater from a building to a septic drain field—commonly known as a leech field—to be treated and disposed of. The first step involves wastewater entering a chamber where a natural division occurs with solids settling and scum floating to the surface. Bacteria get to work on breaking down the solids as liquids pass through a dividing wall to a second chamber for another round of settling. Excess liquid from both rounds of separation then moves on to the septic field for processing in soil. The method is a simple one, but it can run amok with a lack of septic tank maintenance and an overaccumulation of sludge. To avoid a backed-up system, it is recommended that septic tanks be inspected every year by a septic service professional.

Maintaining Your Septic Tank through Prevention

Septic tank maintenance is the onus of the property owner. These tanks are efficient systems, but even the most efficient system needs a good cleaning. While professional services are needed for cleaning and emptying, there are preventative measures that can be taken to keep a septic tank running smoothly.

1. Watch the oil!

Cooking oil can wreak havoc on a septic system. Instead of dumping oil down the drain, store oil and grease in a container and dispose of it once it’s hardened. Cooking pans with excess oil should be washed with hot water and soap in the sink to help greasy material pass through the drain.

2. Don’t just flush it!

Toilets were never designed to function as a garbage system. Disposing of waste materials, such as cotton buds, food waste, cigarette butts, and menstrual products, can overload a septic system.

3. Keep chemicals out of the drain!

Pesticides and herbicides can kill the very bacteria that a septic system relies on to break down solid materials.

Be on the Lookout for Warning Signs

In addition to maintaining a regular schedule for septic tank maintenance, there are a few signs that a septic tank needs attention. Wastewater backing up into household, building in drains, and pooling water or muddy soil around the septic system are telltale signs to watch for. Bright green, spongy grass, and a strong odor around the septic tank and drain field are also symptoms of septic distress. If you notice these signs on your property, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Get Help from the Professionals

Poorly maintained septic tanks are susceptible to costly system failure. The last thing any home or property owner needs is a backed-up septic tank and a large bill! Regular septic tank maintenance keeps septic systems operating efficiently and will save you money in the long run. Professional septic tank services will help you maintain your tank and dispose of waste material safely.

Septic Tank Problems and How to Solve Them

Do you own a septic tank? If you do, then you may encounter problems with it now or into the future. Here are a few of the most common septic tank problems out there and the best solutions for fixing them, including when you may have to call professional septic tank cleaning companies.

The Problem: Tank or Line Leaks

Probably the most common type of septic tank issue is a leak. The leak can be in the tank itself, or it can be in the line running to or from the tank itself. In either case, you will likely notice that your grass or plant life is especially and extremely green compared to other parts of your property, and it also means that it’s time to call in a professional septic tank cleaning company.

The Solution:

Since your septic tank and its lines are both likely to need repairs and inspection in the event of a leak, you will need to call in the professionals. Only experienced septic tank cleaning companies have the knowledge and skills to make sure the leak is fixed, and to ensure that any potential leaks are dealt with before they become a problem.

The Problem: Clogs

Clogged septic tanks are probably the issue that no one wants to deal with. Even the thought of it is enough for some people to try and ignore the issue and make it worse. Clogs are something that can only get worse. They do not fix themselves because most clogs are a result of your septic tank or one of its lines being full of solid waste. This leads to sewage backing up throughout your home—unless you call a septic tank cleaning company in time.

The Solution:

When you experience clogs in your septic tank, it’s time to call the septic tank cleaning companies. They can ensure that your septic tank is pumped properly, and they will provide any maintenance that may be required at the time as well. This can include inspecting your lines and offering solutions if your septic tank isn’t right for your home or property.

The Problem: Tree Roots

Septic tanks are usually put underground for several reasons, from smell to the way they look. This also means that tree roots can sometimes push up against the tank or its lines and cause leaks, breaks, or other problems. That’s when you need a septic tank cleaning company.

The Solution:

In this case, you may need to call a couple of people: tree removal service providers and septic tank cleaning companies. The tree roots will need to be dealt with, and your septic tank may need some professional attention.

If you own a septic tank, you are likely to encounter at least one of the issues above in your lifetime. In each case, it’s important to call in the professionals to help. This is because septic tanks are quite complicated and in need of attention from trained professionals. Drane Ranger is one of the septic tank cleaning companies that can do it all, from regular maintenance to major repairs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your septic tank.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Vacuum Truck Services?

Getting rid of waste from your business is an important task that should not be ignored; otherwise, you are going to end up with a lot of issues. When it comes to solid wastes, junk, and trash, you’d hire a garbage truck or dumpster; but what do you do when you have liquid waste? Whether you are a restaurant with a grease trap or a business that has a wastewater or septic tank, getting rid of liquid waste on your own is both unwise and unsafe. Hiring vacuum truck services in Houston, TX gives you the peace of mind of getting rid of your liquid waste safely and in an environment-friendly fashion, but what are all the benefits of hiring a vacuum truck service?

Trained Expert Service Providers

The best benefit of hiring vacuum truck services in Houston, TX, for most people is the fact that you are getting trained waste disposal technicians to deal with your liquid waste. With proper training, and years of experience, they can safely remove the liquid waste from your premises without a mess, and with no danger to you, your employees, or your customers. Trying to remove liquid waste yourself is dangerous, especially if you have no training, as many tanks that liquid wastes are stored in are very dangerous to be around if you don’t know the proper procedures. Save yourself from the risks and hire yourself a vacuum truck service to do the work for you.

Eco-Friendly and Safe Disposal

Knowing where and how to safely dispose of liquid waste is the cornerstone of any vacuum truck service these days. Environmental damage can be great with improper disposal of liquid waste, so hiring vacuum truck services in Houston, TX, ensures that your liquid waste gets dealt with safely and properly. Vacuum truck services also know all the local, state, and federal laws when it comes to liquid waste removal, so you don’t risk getting fined heavily for improper disposal.

Specialized Trucks for Any Job

Dealing with different types of liquid waste often requires different trucks. The vacuum truck services in Houston, TX, that you use should have a fleet of trucks, with each truck specializing in a certain type of liquid waste. You can’t mix grease trap waste and septic tank waste or treat and dispose of it in the same way, so specialized trucks ensure proper and safe disposal that follows regulations. As well, each type of waste has different viscosities or toxicity levels, so it all needs to be dealt with accordingly and with the right equipment, and it needs to be transported safely without risk of leaks or other disasters.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Truck Service for Your Needs

If your business needs a liquid waste tank emptied, whether it’s a grease trap, wastewater, septic, or some other form liquid, contact Drane Ranger today to set up a consultation or appointment to deal with your liquid waste. No longer worry about the eco-friendly and safe disposal of your liquid wastes.